Biggboss season 7 finale week is going in trending but some famous and trending contestants are missing in finale week what will be the reason?

Why Pradeep didn’t come to BB?

we already know that Pradeep is one of the most familiar player in BB7. Aishu is also get famous and fans in BB7. But both these contestants are not coming to biggboss finale week. This will become the meme content in social media. The television sources ask Pradeep to re-entry to the house but he didn’t want to go inside the house again so he denied their offers.

What happened to Aishu?

We all know that Aishu got eliminated from biggboss house before nixen. After she eliminated from house, her family didn’t allow her to give any interviews or any other stuffs. But Aishu fans expect that she will come to finale week. But she didn’t come to house again. Her family, didn’t allow her to re-entry to the house again. This gave disappoint to Aishu fans.

Who will be TITLE WINNER of BB7 tamil?

Most of the people choice is Archana wants to be a Title winner. But we want to wait for one day to get the answer. Who will get the 50lakhs? Who will be a people hero of the BB7 ? Stay tuned.

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