A famous south Indian Actor Vijay (THALAPATHY) CAME TO POLITICAL SIDE OFFICIALLY. It is an official news by Vijay and it is not fake. He has to be participated in 2026 election.


He announced that he has to be entered in election at 2026 not 2024. In between time he going to built his team strongly for election. That means he entered from Cinema to Political. Everyone waited for his daily political update. In 2026 he going to participate in Chief Minister election. Many of them guess he will be the next CM. Through his movie, he spoke many dilogues about election and that way, everyone used their vote wisely for the correct candidate.

Quit cinema at 69!

After good new of political entry of Vijay is delicious news of his fans but on the other hand the bad news for his movie fans is he going to quit cinema at his 69th film. That means he going to stop acting from his after two movies. It is most painful news for his fans that he enter from cinema to political. But Tamil Nadu awaiting for his politician entry in Tamil Nadu. He was an trending actor in Tamil cinema now, in the peek time of his cinematic time he take a big decision in his career. Maybe his political action must be attract everyone like MGR. That means he has to prove his gratitude to the Tamil Nadu people. Maybe it is a turning point of Tamil Nadu .

TVK (Tamilaga Vetri Kazhagam)

He chosen his official political team name as TVK(Tamilaga Vetri Kazhagam). He made his team uniquely. Most of the Vijay fans printing member card for his team. Most of the place they celebrate his cinema to political entry.

Papanasam at Thanjavur fans celebration!

Fans at Papanasam at Thanjavur District makes a big celebration for his cinema to politician entry. In the presence of District Treasurer Vinothkumar and Papanasam Union President Raja Vijay fans participate in that celebration. Fans celebrating by crackers and distributing sweets to people. Papanasam Union Secretary Aashik, Papanasam Union Youth Leader Sithik, Papanasam City Chief Udhaya Surya, Papanasam Union Student Leader Aakash, Papanasam Union Youth Team Secretary Riyaz, Papanasam Union Treasurer Mohammed Raisudeen, Papanasam Youth City Chief Bala and more fans participated in that celebration.

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