1. What is diffusion theory?

  • Diffusion theory concerns with the spread of an innovation through a population. Researchers in diffusion theory have developed analytical models for explaining and forecasting the dynamics of diffusion of an innovation (an idea, practice, or object perceived as new by an individual) in a socio-technical system.

2. What are illusions based on?

  • In this context, illusions are conceptualized as non-veridical perceptual experiences that result from giving ample weight to prior knowledge to minimize prediction error in the face of biasing sensory evidence. The predictive coding account further provides an explanation regarding the observations from clinical populations.

3. What are perceptual illusions?

  • Hum. Neurosci., 31 May 2022 This overview discusses the nature of perceptual illusions with particular reference to the theory that illusions represent the operation of a sensory code for which there is no meaningful ground truth against which the illusory percepts can be compared, and therefore there are no illusions as such.

4.What is a sensory illusion?

  • It is important to stress that, under this new definition, the illusion is not just the optic (or other sensory) array that evokes the percept, but the whole physical situation in which it occurs, and that allows the observer to perform some sensory verification operation on the sensory array that allows its physical nature to be assessed.

5. Examples

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